Election Season Angst

I, as I’m sure many people do, get very tense around election time. Particularly, when there is so much “at stake”. Now I put that in parenthesis because to someone like me, who’s primary goal in anything political is the pursuit and protection of individual freedom, the “at stake” part is not the routing of the failures in Congress or the shift of power from left to right or vice versa. It is that, when one group of people, in this year’s case the Republicans, win a large “victory” over the other. This sweeping sentiment of improvement and hope runs awash through the voting population. They believe that with the great upheaval in the political world will come an improvement in all the things they deem wrong, even if a little. I look at these¬†people¬†with pity, for I know full well that nothing in the grand scheme of things will improve. The continuing trend of statism is simply painted a different color. Again.