The United States: Obscuring the True Nature and Scope of Terrorism?

The passages quoted below are from 22 U.S.C. section 2656f(d) and 18 U.S.C. section 2331(1). This author has made no changes or alterations to the original texts as posted on the two source websites.

For those of us playing the home game, these are the legal defintions of terrorism as written by the members of the United States government. It’s a lot to read, isn’t it? Spooky language. Spooky language!

The Libertarian Double-Standard

I have recently made the decision to drop the Libertarian Party. I’m still a libertarian, though.

That is, I still firmly believe in the Philosophy of Liberty. But, I will no longer actively support the Libertarian Party.

It has become clear to me that the Chair, Secretary, and Media Relations of the Pennsylvania Chapter wish to “tone down” the speech of Libertarians in favor of making the party “more accessible.” I will let them speak for themselves below. Some may consider these quotes to be “out-of-context.” However, I provide a link to the exact quote in the LPPA forums so that you may read them in-context. It is my belief, however, that most of these statements speak for themselves.

The power of the jury is necessary in a free society

Jury nullification is the process where a jury either finds that a law being applied in the trial is unlawful or that the evidence, or lack thereof, doesn’t support the charge, thus nullifying the law, the evidence and/or both!  The practice of nullification by a jury goes back hundreds of years and was a way to ensure that citizens didn’t suffer directly under tyrannical rule of the state or by a biased judge, but rather sought to rely on a jury of “peers” to either acquit or convict an individual.

A note to fellow gun owners

The right to keep and bear arms is the staple to a free society where liberty prevails and of which America was founded on.  If we don’t keep those thoughts in mind, we’ll end up like every other nation on the face of the planet that is or was under some sort of Authoritarian rule.

We have failed to ensure that the constitutional Republic that the founders gave to us always remains intact.  We have failed to protect the right to keep and bear arms.  We have failed to push back anti-gunners from legislating against our rightful ownership of arms.  We have failed at educating the public as to why we carry a weapon for self defense.  We have failed to do a lot and it’s about time we turn things around and start taking action.

The toxicity of the Neo-“Tea Party” crowd.

In true libertarian fashion, I hold nothing sacred but the indefeasible value and worth of man’s own faculties as reflected in the free market. This means almost everything has a cross-hair on it. (And yes, I used violent rhetoric that I will NOT tone down.) From the most liberal (borderline communist) democrat in Massachusetts, to the most zealous preacher in southern Texas, to the most apathetic stoner in California, everything is up for critique and debate.

Neo-"Tea Party" is toxic wasteThis brings me to the title of this article: The toxicity of the neo-“Tea Party” movement.

The unpatriotic act is up for renewal

Yes, that’s right!  The unpatriotic act is up for renewal and is trying to be passed while little to no discussion is had on the matter.  But there should be expansive debate on the move to repeal the entire bill, not just some slimy debate on extended it.  See, politicians like to use friendly words to disguise the true purpose behind their agenda they’re trying to push through as if it’s bringing so much good to this country.

Global Insurrection and States’ Rights: tyranny vs. Liberty

Even if you have been living under a rock (and no I don’t mean Saudi Arabia) you have heard about the seemingly global civil unrest in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Tunisia, and Egypt. These peoples, being under despotic rule, decided that tyranny could reign no longer. They took to the streets, organized themselves into groups, and fought against riot police, State curfews, and good ol’ made-in-America tear gas in order to get that message across.