The Libertarian Double-Standard

I have recently made the decision to drop the Libertarian Party. I’m still a libertarian, though.

That is, I still firmly believe in the Philosophy of Liberty. But, I will no longer actively support the Libertarian Party.

It has become clear to me that the Chair, Secretary, and Media Relations of the Pennsylvania Chapter wish to “tone down” the speech of Libertarians in favor of making the party “more accessible.” I will let them speak for themselves below. Some may consider these quotes to be “out-of-context.” However, I provide a link to the exact quote in the LPPA forums so that you may read them in-context. It is my belief, however, that most of these statements speak for themselves.

The toxicity of the Neo-“Tea Party” crowd.

In true libertarian fashion, I hold nothing sacred but the indefeasible value and worth of man’s own faculties as reflected in the free market. This means almost everything has a cross-hair on it. (And yes, I used violent rhetoric that I will NOT tone down.) From the most liberal (borderline communist) democrat in Massachusetts, to the most zealous preacher in southern Texas, to the most apathetic stoner in California, everything is up for critique and debate.

Neo-"Tea Party" is toxic wasteThis brings me to the title of this article: The toxicity of the neo-“Tea Party” movement.