The Death of Osama bin Laden and the Definition of Justice

So yes…the US has reportedly finally killed Osama bin Laden, our one-time ally against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Last night, hundreds of young people in DC and NYC took to the streets to gleefully chant “USA”, and revel in the success of the US military. Motivating most of this revelry is the belief that justice has been done. It is this point that I am having a hard time accepting.

The unpatriotic act is up for renewal

Yes, that’s right!  The unpatriotic act is up for renewal and is trying to be passed while little to no discussion is had on the matter.  But there should be expansive debate on the move to repeal the entire bill, not just some slimy debate on extended it.  See, politicians like to use friendly words to disguise the true purpose behind their agenda they’re trying to push through as if it’s bringing so much good to this country.

Tax the Rich!

The circus that is known as election time is upon us.  On November 2nd, citizens of the USA get to elect  which sociopathic dimwit gets to rule represent us for the next couple of years.  Amongst the usual rhetoric in order to persuade the ‘useful idiots’ to vote for assclown 1 over assclown 2 is the call to ‘tax the rich!’.  After all, they can afford it and god forbid people have to live off there own labour rather than stealing from others. The cry to tax the rich particularly irks me though as politicians get the useful idiots all riled up as they believe they can get something for nothing.

The other side of the coin sucks, too…

Why do Americans consistently vote for the other side of the coin and automatically think this great nation will become free and prosperous again.  Have Americans been asleep for far too long to realize that Democrats and Republicans control us equally, just in different ways.  Democrats control us with programs like- welfare, taxes, big business, national health care & commercial bail outs while Republicans control us with programs like- big business, perpetual war, fear mongering & corporate bail outs.  In the end, we’re becoming less free and more controlled, taxed & regulated!

I cannot bring myself to voting for the “other side of the coin”.  Basically what voting for the other side of the coin consists of is voting for the opposite party that is currently in control of  the country, state, town and so on.  Many folks seem to think that this actually makes our future better, but in the end, we’re just headed down the road to serfdom.