Mark Fiorino, Philadelphia Open Carrier incident update!

About a year ago today, Mark Fiorino was stopped and threatened by several Philadelphia police officers for openly carrying his firearms, as we mentioned in an earlier blog post.  Fortunately for him, he recorded the entire incident on his voice recorder, which was then put on youtube by our fellow blogger, Timothy Havener.  The youtube video with the most content can be seen here, with parts two and three here and here (the first video contains most of what you’d be interested in hearing).

The Next Civil War?

A spectre is haunting America – the spectre of Statism.

Indeed, Communism is here in America and has been for quite some time. From the establishment of the cartel known as The Federal Reserve in 1913 to the creation of the terrorist organization known as the Department of Homeland Security, central planning and the philosophy of Communism has become a staple of American politics.

Global Insurrection and States’ Rights: tyranny vs. Liberty

Even if you have been living under a rock (and no I don’t mean Saudi Arabia) you have heard about the seemingly global civil unrest in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Tunisia, and Egypt. These peoples, being under despotic rule, decided that tyranny could reign no longer. They took to the streets, organized themselves into groups, and fought against riot police, State curfews, and good ol’ made-in-America tear gas in order to get that message across.

Anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you…

“Anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law!”  That statement (Miranda Warning) is something we ALL need to be aware of when dealing with law enforcement.  Yes, you may truly be 100% innocent and not in the least bit involved in any type of crime, but if you begin to speak to law enforcement you may possibly incriminate yourself without even knowing it.  Don’t be afraid to assert your 5th amendment rights and REMAIN SILENT!

A lot of states have what is known as “stop-and-identify” and/or “Obstruction” statues, so please educate yourself on your state law to know when you’re required, by law, to identify yourself to law enforcement.