Freedom vs. Security, A Dynamic Struggle

Written by: Carnes Sendry

Ever see the ‘F*S=k’ thing?

That means that Freedom (F) times (*) Security (S) equals (=) a constant (k). The suggestion is that you can only add more security at the cost of having less freedom. In reality, the equation is far from being a proof, but the concept is brilliant.

We have some people that would rather have greater freedom, at the cost of reduced security, and we have other people that would rather have more security, even if it costs some freedom.

This dynamic struggle between freedom and security is always a problem. Government could always do more to allow more freedom, and it could always do more to create (at least a sense of) more security. Very rarely, if ever, can a government create both more freedom and more security at the same time. So, we are stuck struggling between the two ideals.