The Elephant in the Room: Gun Rights and Urban Violence

As a gun owner and a 2nd amendment advocate I am well aware of the battle going on in this state over the issue of gun rights. Particularly, the disconnect between the rural communities and urban centers regarding the issue of drug and gang related gun violence.

Up until this point in the debate over gun control the arguments have been dichotomous and confrontational between those arguing for less restriction and more liberty versus those arguing for more restriction and control of gun sales.

Gun owners and those that support less restrictive laws on gun ownership and the right to carry frame their argument based on Constitutional liberty and common sense but they stop short of offering real solutions to the ongoing epidemic of drug and gang related violence that plagues cities like Philadelphia. Conversely, the politicians from areas that have these problems assault the liberties of all citizens in this state without offering a workable solution to the problems they face. Meanwhile, lives continue to be cut short while the debate rages on between the two sides.