Voting Only Encourages Them

What does it mean to be a good citizen, and why should you strive to be one? Many of us are brought up to believe that you must be a good citizen for a democracy to “work”. Being a good citizen usually includes, but not limited to: voting, paying your taxes, flying the flag. Generally speaking, not being engaged in any type of counter-culture or rabble rousing. This type of education of being a good citizen usually begins in the home, ideals passing on from the father and mother to the children. Along this vein, in school, videos like School House Rock are often shown. This education persists with programs for young adults like Rock the Vote, whose slogan is “Rock the Vote don’t block the vote. Some politicians don’t want you to vote, but we’re fighting back”. Yet another program geared toward 18+ individuals, is the Declare Yourself Campaign. A “national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to empower and encourage every eligible 18-29 year-old in America to register and vote in local and national elections.” Using promo videos from celebrities and artists like, T.I. and Seth Green.  The videos encourage college age students to vote, and to vote early because as T.I. puts it, “Don’t let the man tell you when to vote. Do your thang, when you get ready. Aiight?”

The other side of the coin sucks, too…

Why do Americans consistently vote for the other side of the coin and automatically think this great nation will become free and prosperous again.  Have Americans been asleep for far too long to realize that Democrats and Republicans control us equally, just in different ways.  Democrats control us with programs like- welfare, taxes, big business, national health care & commercial bail outs while Republicans control us with programs like- big business, perpetual war, fear mongering & corporate bail outs.  In the end, we’re becoming less free and more controlled, taxed & regulated!

I cannot bring myself to voting for the “other side of the coin”.  Basically what voting for the other side of the coin consists of is voting for the opposite party that is currently in control of  the country, state, town and so on.  Many folks seem to think that this actually makes our future better, but in the end, we’re just headed down the road to serfdom.